Honor Roll: Selma Middle

November 29, 2013 

Selma Middle School has announced its Principal’s List and Honor Roll for the first nine weeks of school.

Principal’s List

Grade 8 – Haley Evans.

Honor Roll

Grade 6 – Jacqueline Morataya, Zephaniah Prince, Dannys Ayala, Sofia Tolosa-Ramirez, Alyssa Villeda-Lopez, Jeremiah Wallace, Nathaniel Williams, Deysey Castaneda, Scarlet Clough, Carizana Groves, Dominic Harden, Mariela Hernandez, Juana Ramirez, Oscar Reyes, Iltze Rodriguez-Ayala, Matthew Sobrera Ashfield, Aniyah Stancil, Carolina Martinez Cuin, Cristina Hernandez Rubio and Markieth Tyre Hinnant.

Grade 7 – Jayla Hodges, Grace Chape, Meia Stephens, Aniya Atkinson, Karen Joya-Cabrera, Helen Meza, Lizbeth Ruiz, Astrid Baide, Jasmine Banda, Alexia Bojorquez, Jesenia Contrera, Malek Josey, Gabriela Juarez, Keahra Leandre, Esmerelda Martinez, Chris Soto-Lopez, Patricia Taylor, Joshua Thomas, Kahlil Sykes, Tavia Mickens, Esmerelda Echeverria, Ty’Kel Colston, Bishop Foye, Maniya Mozingo and Ilmar Ramirez.

Grade 8 – Florencia Almansor-Sencion, Ricardo Soto-Lopez, Christopher Adams, Kayla Canady, Nicholas Ellis, Biannca Jones, Gabriela Tolosa-Ramirez and Shareese Brown.

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