Reader writes: Illegal immigration has steep price

December 13, 2013 

Cheap labor costs too much

This is in response to the column “More thoughts on shopping, GOP politics.”

ALL of those immigrants here illegally are too vital to our workforce to send home?

I appreciate most of what you have to say in the column; however, please do your research on immigration reform before determining that ALL these illegal immigrants are vital to our workforce.

There are 20 million Americans without a full-time job. There are 7 million illegal aliens who work non-farm jobs – these are not jobs in orchards, fields or other so-called jobs “Americans won’t do.” These are the jobs that Americans will do. These are jobs in manufacturing, roofing, service industries, meat packing, etc. The U.S. Senate’s immigration-reform bill would continue to keep Americans out of these jobs.

Furthermore, the Senate bill would more than double legal immigration to the United States, which would make it virtually impossible for Americans across all sectors to find and hold jobs.

The Senate bill also rewards illegal workers with legal status and green cards before taking any steps to protect the U.S. workforce or prevent future illegal immigration; and it adds 30 million permanent job seekers via legalization and increases future immigration over a decade.

Cheap-labor employers are going to want as much cheap labor as they can get.

I just hope these people or their children aren’t victims of illegal immigrants. A report by the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security found that every year an estimated 4,300 U.S. citizens lose their lives to an illegal immigrant, about half by murder and half by drunk driving. That’s 12 American citizens a day.

And you think ALL of those immigrants here illegally are too vital to send home?

By the way, you don’t have to send anyone home except those who have committed additional crimes. All you need to do is make sure illegal immigrants can’t get jobs (through E-Verify or something similar), and they will go to where they can get jobs.

Our rule of law and our citizens’ economic and physical safety trump a cheap-labor workforce.

Cassandra Dew


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