Reader writes: On Obamacare, our leaders let us down

January 24, 2014 

Obamacare supporters are reaping what they sowed

I hear many Democrats are running away from Obama and his so-called Affordable Care Act. For example, our own Senator Kay Hagan did not bother to show up when he was in town.

I have even heard that some are crying and saying we did not know this was going to happen; that we relied on Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to let us know what was in the bill. Well, my answer to them is that we told you to read the dang thing.

Our elected leaders should accept the fact that they failed to uphold their oath of office, and now they should just do the right thing, and that is resign. We do not need representatives who follow goosestep behind their party leadership, and that applies to both Republicans and Democrats.

One last thing: It seems that Fox, which has been demonized by the left, has been proven right again. So stop watching MSNBC, ABC, NBC and, to a lesser extent, CNN and tune into Fox. You just might learn something.

David G. Speckhardt Sr.


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