Reader writes: Michelle Ball for clerk of court

February 18, 2014 

Michelle Ball deserves to be clerk of court

I have known Michelle Ball for several years, and I want the citizens of Johnston County to know that no other candidate is more deserving to be Johnston County clerk of court than her.

I had the opportunity to work with Michelle in handling an estate of which I was the administrator. Michelle’s knowledge and experience in working with administrators and executors of family estates made my responsibilities easy. It was a difficult estate. She is to be commended as one of the best certified paralegals that I have ever worked with. The estate I was involved in had more than 145 heirs and a substantial sum of cash assets. She handled this professionally and with ease. Many of these heirs live in Johnston County and personally thanked her for the way she handled the legal aspects of finalizing the disbursement of funds.

Michelle has invested herself in her career and serves in each and every capacity with distinction. I personally saw her handle estates and feel certain she is capable of handling the clerk’s role in any matter that would come before her. She has good communication skills, is a self-starter, works with little supervision and makes sound judgment in any given situation. Again, her experience and dedication to service make her the only choice for clerk of court.

Michelle has worked with lawyer Bob Spence Jr. for more than 20 years providing paralegal services in all facets of legal issues. Michelle is dedicated to her profession, and I find her to be an honest, hard worker. During my work with her, I learned of her dedication to her family, several of whom she and her husband adopted. She knows many Johnston County residents, and I believe she has the integrity to serve this county with pride.

I highly recommend Michelle to all the citizens of Johnston County to serve as your clerk of court.

Margaret P. Wells

University of Mount Olive

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