Benson Middle School

March 14, 2014 

Benson Middle School has announced its Principal’s List and Honor Roll for the second nine weeks of school.

Principal’s List

Grade 5 – Jarah Newton and Matthew Olive.

Grade 6 – Lance Adams, Sarah Bailey, Emmy Byrd, DJ Carter and Kassidy Fair.

Grade 7 – Daphanie Argandona, Kylie Collins, David Honeycutt and Brenna Wood.

Grade 8Christina Dorman, Kelly Dorman, Amanda Dunn, Kaylee Jones and Anna Lee.

Honor Roll

Grade 5 – Madison Barnes, Sarah Brewer, Edgar Campos, Chance Caulkins, Michael Ellison, Ethan Godwin, Sedira Harris, Jimmy Hines, Zoe Hoffman-Edminster, Jacob Jackson, Hunter Johnson, Christian Jones, Collin Jones, Jubal Jones, Diamond Judkins, Caroline Mazzotta, Dillon McGee, Hailey Miller, Andrew Olson, Mia Parnell, Rachel Petersen, Logan Valentino and Megan Wise.

Grade 6 – Karen Allen, Matthew Anderson, Morgan Barefoot, Brittney Beavers, Cael Blackmon, Hannah Fisher, Lindsey Godwin, Weston Gray, Matthew Hebert, Dasia Johnson, Stephan Kotouc, Hannah Lancaster, Taylor Lawrence, Kristen Lee, Jamyzha Lockamy, Melissa Luna, Omar Luna, Haley Lusk, Giavonne Minns, Diamond Molina, Olivia Nagy, Zachary Nelson, Lauren Pope, Jackie Ramirez, Lesley Rhodes, Jade Thompson and Ethan Weaver.

Grade 7 – Kandis Adams, Hank Barnes, Marshall Blackmon, Haley Brewington, Riley Camp, Maricela Chavez, Seth Creed, Estephanie Gamez-Vasquez, Hannah Ginn, Jessica Johnson, Roger Jones, Justin Jordan, Bryana Konig, Brandon Lushene, Eric Macias, Alexander Marler, Jared Olson, Roxana Paniaqua-Espino, Heidi Perez, Aubrey Pollard, Shania Simmons and Luke Wood.

Grade 8 – Torrie Allen, Jessica Anderson, Alan Campos, Jennifer Cardenas, Morgan Conley, Erika Correa, Jacob Duncan, Paulina Egremy, Dylan Honeycutt, Derek Jordan, Dale McGee, Katelyn McGraw, Janie McLamb, Ally Messer, Nick Oaks, Sophia Pastrana, Gisselle Pavon, Sindy Portillo-Gamez, Tyler Ragan, Samantha Rembold, Karson Romito, Codi Simpson, Justin Smale, Holden Smith, Kaylee Starling, Tristan Stewart, Devin Theodore and Kassidy Weinheim.

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