Reader writes: Parking lots are for parking, not driving

March 28, 2014 

What editor did was wrong

I appreciate your observance of the state-owned vehicle being misused by its presence in the drive through at Hardee’s. There is a lot of waste throughout our government, and it keeps getting worse.

I have the biggest problem with your admission: “After dropping by the office-supply store on North Bright Leaf Boulevard in Smithfield, I scooted out through the parking lot at Hardee’s, figuring I’d take Interstate 95 home to Four Oaks.”

I believe there is a law against using a parking lot in this manner. If there isn’t, there should be one, and it should be enforced. A parking lot is a place where people park their cars, get out and walk to the intended place of business. There are pedestrians in parking lots. More often than not, children either escape their parent’s grasp or are allowed to roam free. People who misuse parking lots for quick routes around traffic lights or heavy traffic run the risk of injuring pedestrians. I teach my children not to do this for any reason. We call this poor parking lot etiquette.

Take a look at the convenience store parking lot at Booker Dairy Road and Bright Leaf Boulevard; this behavior happens there all of the time. This is dangerous, and unfortunately, Wendy’s promotes this by having an exit from its parking lot through the convenience store parking lot. Hardee’s also has an opening to the strip mall you visited.

Perhaps this topic would be a good one for an editorial. I don’t know how many people are injured by this. I just know that the costs of cutting through a parking lot would be severe if someone were injured.

Thanks for considering my input on this subject, and please think twice about cutting through parking lots in the future.

Alan Horne


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