MIcro-Pine Level Elementary

April 21, 2014 

Micro-Pine Level Elementary School has announced Principal’s List or Honor Roll for the second nine weeks of school.

Principal’s List

Grade 3 Carter Aycock, Justin Bullock and Delaney Starling.

Grade 4 Brayan Bedoya, Angie Bolanos, Laney Daughtry, Anna Kate Pike, James Price and Lanie Stanley.

Grade 5 Stephanie Carrizales, Joshua Carter, Alexis Cooper, Tiffany Delgado, Simon Fitzgerald, Edwin Lopez, Luke Mitchell, Antonio Reyes, Ceasia Stancil, Gabe Strickland and Christian Sykes.

Honor Roll

Grade 3 Marissa Anderson, Nate Baillie, Jason Brannon, Cali Brynn Braswell, Jason Carlos Rodriguez, Jaden Carpenter, Nicole Ferrell, Ja’Naiya Pearce, Braulio Jaramillo Contrera, Mason Jernigan, Christopher Mendez-Franco, Lillie Mitchell, Braeden Moore, Justin Mora Mendoza, Johanna Morales Navarette, Daniel Ortiz-Cortes, Isaiah Price, Kyndall Roberts, Elyssya Rodriguez, Michelle Rojas, T.J. Scott, Starla Sinclair, Barry Thel Creech, Kayden Vaughn, Mikayla Vernon, Emily Wall, Seth Watters, Joelle Williams and Kaitlynn Wilson.

Grade 4 – David Allen, Cori Appell, Joshua Bare, Tyler Boswell, Natalie Casey, Jassyr Cerrato Ayala, Jaret Cervantes, Evelyn Contreras, Schyler Crocker, Lanie Croft, Ed Fairr, Tristan Ferrell, Madalyn Godwin, Dustin Goeckel, Jacob Green, Ashlynn Hockaday, Toby Holloman, Ashton Huddleston, McKenzie Leigh, Lane McLean, Kathryn Medina, Dillon Melton, Kaila Moore, Peyton Moore, Jakob Napier, Dawson Norris, Mackenzie Pearce, Samantha Rollins, Sonia Salas, Jackson Seymour, Sara Strickland, Landon Walker, Rafe Whitley and Brianna Wilson.

Grade 5 Brandon Aburto, Britteny Acevedo-Baeza, Jose Arteaga, Jonathan Brown, Madison Byrd, Jackeline Carlos-Anaya, Jason Carpenter, Dominick Cook, Erica Gil Ortiz, Austin Hare, Kelsey Hernandez, Emma Hodge, Alex Johnson, Luke Johnson, Decota Moore, Austin Overby, Laura Parker, Tatiana Powell, Eduardo Reyes, Mari Santiago Garcia, Logan Stanley, Melany Vega Ramirez, Elizabeth Wheeler and Kyla Winborne.

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