Reader writes: Rep. Daughtry deserves are thanks

April 25, 2014 

Daughtry standing up for maltreated children

Our public servants are often called on the carpet when citizens disagree with their actions and are rarely thanked for the good they do. I’d like to thank public servants like state Rep. Leo Daughtry for supporting juvenile-delinquency interventions that have reduced by half the number of teens committed to youth-development centers since 2008.

At the Methodist Home for Children, we serve some of the most vulnerable people in our state, and we know that maltreated children are more likely to engage in juvenile delinquency and adult criminal behavior. Rep. Daughtry has led positive change for these children by preserving state funds that help pick up the pieces of their lives and make them whole again.

It takes dedicated staff, generous donors and the support of our state and county leaders to meet this need, especially at a time when budgets are being cut. I am grateful that leaders like Rep. Daughtry see the need to provide safe, nurturing homes for all children in North Carolina and to tackle the causes of abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Bruce E. Stanley

President and chief executive, Methodist Home for Children

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