Reader writes: Teachers deserve higher pay and our appreciation

April 25, 2014 

Teaching builds the foundation for other professions

Who educated our president? Teachers.

Who educated our governor, our legislators, our doctors, our lawyers, our ministers and the millions of people who work in our country and around the world? Teachers. Teachers build the foundation for every other profession.

Without teachers, no one would be prepared to go to work. Teachers are the ones who work the hardest. I know, because I was a kindergarten teacher. Sadly, our teachers have become the most underpaid, and often unappreciated, professionals in our country.

Wake up, America, and pay our teachers what they deserve for their hard work. Think about who helped educate you so you could get a job. There seems to be money for all of the people educated by our teachers, so why don’t we pay them – and thank them – for educating us?

All teachers deserve a huge pay raise. All of us who have been taught well – so we were able to get a job – should thank them.

I hope our president, our governor and all our lawmakers can find a way to pay teachers what they deserve for educating all of us.

Doris Woodard McLamb


The retired kindergarten teacher was born in Johnston County.

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