Letter: Michelle Ball for clerk of court

May 2, 2014 

She’s voting for Michelle Ball

Clerk of Court Will Crocker has served Johnston County well for many years, and we must select the right person to take over the position. I wholeheartedly endorse Michelle Creech Ball, whom I have known for nearly 40 years. When Michelle was young, she was a Brownie in my Girl Scout troop. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow up and serve her community.

Michelle brings many necessary qualities to the position of Clerk of Court. The position is more than administrative. It requires someone who knows aspects of the court. She is independent, organized and creative. She is hard-working and intelligent. Her work as a paralegal for the last 20 years has provided her the opportunity to be in the “trenches” with the law. She has a familiarity with the court system that the people of Johnston County need when they elect someone to serve them as clerk. She is personable and fair-minded.

Even as a young child, Michelle exhibited all of these qualities. I like to think I had a small role in helping her develop them in Girl Scouting. It is my honor and privilege to encourage the citizens of Johnston County to vote for Michelle Ball. I can promise you she will be “on the ball” as she serves.

Linda Peedin


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