Letter: A vote for Michelle Ball

May 2, 2014 

Michelle Ball is his choice for clerk of court

At the conclusion of the current clerk of court’s tenure, a new clerk of court will be elected. The Honorable Will Crocker has been an outstanding clerk. He had an excellence staff, and all that was accomplished was to benefit the citizens of Johnston County.

Michelle Creech Ball is seeking to become the next clerk of court. Her personality and work experience will continue a great tradition. She has no “connections,” just a desire to do what is correct for Johnston County citizens. Ms. Ball has worked for over 20 years in the legal administration profession, and that’s what the function of the clerk’s office is all about.

She has no political connections, no club or professional group affiliations. She believes in God, America, family and the citizens of Johnston County. Her loyalty will be to those who work for her and to the citizens of Johnston County. Her leadership will be portrayed as the ability to influence others and still maintain high morale.

This is lady is a champion. Please join me in supporting her in the forthcoming primary election and beyond.

Charles E. Hester


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