Letter: Council doing East Smithfield a disservice

May 9, 2014 

High utility bills are weighing her mother down

I find the transfer of electricity profits to the general fund sickening because of the stress high energy bills have placed on my mother in Smithfield. She has a utility bill of $700 a month with three people in the house, and around Christmas, that bill goes to $1,000, which is ridiculous.

My mother is on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay bills like this. She has been trying to get help from everywhere to get this bill lowered, but no one seems to have an answer as to why it stays so high. It makes no sense for your light bill to be higher than your rent or mortgage, and to know our councilmen are forgetting why they are in their positions in the first place makes me very upset.

If there is something that can be done to help the residents of East Smithfield, please let it be done, because it seems like the councilmen are not concerned about making decisions for the residents as a whole.

Sharon Davis


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