Letter: God is not dead

June 6, 2014 

God can be known

In a roundabout way, in your April 27 column, “Those who dismiss faith are arrogant,” I believe you were attempting to defend those with faith. Personally, thanks for the support.

However, your defense requires some clarification. First, you quoted your friend’s highest ideal – tolerance – as your own. Then you dismissed the idea of faith such as God’s existence or lack of existence as something that, intellectually, cannot be proved.

First, has tolerance always been (or should it be) the highest ideal? The United States was founded on the principle idea that we all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, the preface to these rights is that we were endowed by our creator (or God) with these rights. If we have no creator or God, then who says what rights we actually have? Does political might make right? For example, if your pursuit of happiness infringes on my property or my freedom, and you have the political power to obtain or remove my property or my freedom, is it then right? Perhaps, just perhaps, the lifetime of searching for the truth and what is truly “right” by those who attend a place of worship every Sunday is the very crux upon which our fragile republic has been able to stand for more than 200 years. Thus truth – and not tolerance – should be the highest ideal.

Second, to address your intellectual stumbling block about the existence of God, I would like to suggest seeing a successful movie, “God Is Not Dead.” In the movie, the intellectual honesty of the philosophy professor is slowly stripped away until his true motive toward God is revealed. In a parallel fashion, the movie addresses the mask of denial we all have about “intellectual posturing.” A young man (like a young David vs. Goliath) attempts to defend the very question you dismiss: Can God’s existence be proven. I believe the movie’s financial success plays right into the group, like yourself, who wonder is God really out there? Does God really care? Did God reveal himself to us? Can God really by known?

Mr. Bolejack, he is out there, he does care, he did reveal himself, and he can be known. My attending church on Easter or any other Sunday during the year is a way I get to know him better. If you still don’t want to go to church, see the movie “God Is Not Dead.”

David Auge


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