Your letters: Michael and Betsy Grannis give more than they receive

June 27, 2014 

Serve the Need says thanks

For the third time, Michael and Betsy Grannis opened the doors of their Clayton Steakhouse on June 16 to some 235 guests who attended a fundraiser for Serve the Need in Johnston County.

The waitresses donated their time, and with the help of volunteers, they served a luncheon meal well prepared by the excellent cooks.

In their usual generous way, Michael and Betsy gave 100 percent of the proceeds towards Serve the Need’s projects for the elderly, poor, disabled and veterans. The nonprofit uses the money to build ramps for the handicapped, sponsor an annual community Thanksgiving meal, award special education scholarships and provide financial assistance for urgent needs.

Michael and Betsy Grannis are true servants of the people, always giving far more than they ever receive or expect. Thank you again, Michael and Betsy, for reaching out and lending your hands and hearts to our less fortunate but deserving community residents.

Norwood and Kristin Williams


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