Benson Elementary

July 7, 2014 

Benson Elementary School has announced its Principal’s List and Honor Roll for the fourth nine weeks of school.

Principal’s List

Grade 3 – Dillon Benson, Bryson Elliott, Riley Beasley, Alexandra Fernandez, Alexander Huskins, Dzidzielia Gurrero, Jordan Howard and Eliana Rosas.

Grade 4 – Madison Gazlay, Angus Adams, Jamison McGee, Ashlyn Boone, Elli Byrd, Reagan Hall and Mychael Rodriquez.

Honor Roll

Grade 3 – Nikki Beasley, Sadie Cain, Joselyn Lopez, Ben McLamb, Janada Melvin, Lilly McLamb, Melanie Trejo, Elijah Williams, Hayden Nicoletta, Ruben Tapia, Lena Wedding, Julia Wilkins, Kara Allen, Ahmare’a Buie, Jason Hines, Jayson Smith, Uriel Rivera, Juan Argandona, Skylar Clark, Christion Salmion, Reagan Vanek, Madison Burton, Esteban Chavez, Hannah Christensen, Dylan Fridley, Anthony Jones, Joshua Perez, Robert Ryals, Drake Stephens, Jose Valenzuela, Jaylen Christensen, Hailey Edwards, Adam Norris and Logan Norris.

Grade 4 – Suzanna Bates, Ethan Hassell, Mallorie Norris, Braxton Ennis. Mikael Hampton, Sarah Lee, Kyle Parker, Robin Reaves, Katherine Fair, Jacob Stinnett, Emma Weaver, Laila Whitman, Kaylee Blackmon, Brett Blue, Landen Johnson, Grayson Tracy, Cierra Cummings, Matthew Hopson and Christopher Parker.

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