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    Start up the rural economy by promoting entrepreneurship

    During most of its history, North Carolina was a state of widely dispersed residents. There were no truly big cities, and North Carolina had many small towns. Particularly along the state’s rivers and streams, you’d find a thriving mill town or farming village every few miles.


    Reader writes: Family thankful for quick, professional response

    My family and I are grateful to the Smithfield and Four Oaks fire departments and Johnston County 911 operators and emergency responders for the outstanding service they provide.


    Tenure changes under fire

    Whether or not you believe teacher tenure in North Carolina needs reform, it has become apparent that the changes passed by state legislators last year included a fatal flaw.


    Laughter is good medicine

    A good laugh can be good for the soul.


    Roads in search of dollars

    As state transportation officials take up the knotty issue of how to pay for roads in the future, they better first understand the political thicket in which state lawmakers have left them.


    News arrives in many ways

    I am no longer a voracious reader of novels. Indeed, the last book I read was a collection of short stories by Southern writers. That was at least two years ago, because the publisher of that anthology has since discontinued it.


    Is your town affordable?

    The news release, which arrived via email, said Clayton ranked in the Top 10 in affordability among North Carolina towns with more than 10,000 people. Smithfield wasn’t far behind, ranking 14th.


    Building needs piling up

    A couple of years ago, a friend who was raising money for a major cultural project in the state asked my opinion about the likelihood of winning a grant from state lawmakers.


    Business, industry support critical to JCC’s success

    A conversation about Johnston Community College and its impact on the county rarely concludes without the mention of a partnership. In today’s economy, with resources at a premium, partnerships are imperative. Marriage cannot exist without partnership. Friendship, learning, service to others...


    Can we enjoy spring without winter?

    Spring has sprung in Johnston County, and I am surely not alone in applauding its tardy arrival. Winter overstayed its welcome here, bringing a cold rain as recently as last weekend, so Johnston County residents deserved the change in weather that arrived midweek.

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