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    Growth foes should try to shape policy

    Years ago, a reporter spoke with a woman whose house was along the path of the proposed U.S. 70 bypass of Clayton. She did not want to sell her house, did not want to move, and she said something like this: “If not for all these newcomers, we wouldn’t need this road.”


    New congressman goes to work

    As we wind down the second month of the 114th Congress, I thought it might be helpful to provide a quick summary highlighting what we accomplished in recent weeks.


    Who you gonna call?

    A recent news report about a “Ghostbusters” movie sequel, soon to begin production, caused me to remember the wildly infectious jingle from the mid-1980s, “Who you gonna call?” The Ghostbusters were the answer to eradicating every ethereal being plaguing New York City...


    Let the debate begin

    The annual incentives debate in the General Assembly is under way, and this year’s installment is likely to be as robust as any in recent memory. Gov. Pat McCrory has said repeatedly he wants lawmakers to quickly pass tax incentives and other perks to help recruit and retain jobs and new...


    A university is forever part of my family

    When I went to college, it never occurred to me that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – its institutions, faculty, students and alumni – would come to mean so much to me.


    Letter grades for schools don’t surprise

    At schools like Cooper Elementary in Clayton and West Smithfield Elementary, more than half of students cannot read or do math on grade level, based on scores from year-end tests. Is it any wonder then that Cooper and West Smithfield, among other Johnston schools, earned D’s when the N.C. ...


    Your Letters: A fair question about religious tolerance

    Over the years, I have read many of your thoughts and ideas on the editorial page of this newspaper, but I have rarely commented – except maybe to friends and associates.


    In Smithfield, it’s time to help our most precious commodity

    I see many articles and letters to the editor about schools, especially teacher pay and benefits for our public schools and our university system. But I see very little about our children and where they fit into all this.


    A long, cautious speech

    Gov. Pat McCrory’s 80-minute “State of the State” speech didn’t break much new ground. Instead, it laid the groundwork for a 2016 re-election campaign by mixing accomplishments of the past with broad goals for the future.


    2 questions worth sharing

    My daughter and I text every day, and in recent weeks, she has texted two questions worth sharing: Why are some people rude? And why is it so hard to talk to a cute boy? I’ll tell you what I told her, though I must confess I know nothing about talking to cute boys.

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